12.5 Ton Forged Steel Tow Eye

  • Achieve level towing by connecting the tow eye to an adjustable channel bracket.
  • Strong forged steel construction can handle towing weights up to 25,000 lb.
  • Available in corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish or no finish.
    The 12.5 Ton Forged Steel Tow Eye from Buyers Products is designed bolt into an adjustable channel bracket. This allows you to position the tow eye or lunette for level towing.

    Simply bolt the eye into the channel bracket at the position that fits your needs, then connect to the pintle hook on your truck.

    The eye has an interior diameter of 3 in. and is made of rugged forged steel to handle a maximum gross towing weight of 25,000 lb.
Product Common Use: Construction Trailers, Equipment Haulers
b16145 Plain 12.5 Ton Forged Steel Tow Eye 3 Inch I.D.