6 Ton Adjustable Lunette Eye

  • Adds flexibility in tow eye height for leveling your trailer.
  • Strong cast iron eye and sturdy formed steel channel.
  • Can handle towing up to 12,000 lb.
    The Adjustable Eye Assembly from Buyers Products allows you to adjust the position of a tow eye for level towing. It comes with a ductile cast iron eye (3 in. interior diameter) and a 3 or 5 position formed steel channel bracket.

    Simply bolt the eye into the channel bracket at the position that fits your needs, and connect to the pintle hook on your truck. Fasteners are included.

    The 5 channel bracket comes with gussets that you can weld on for even greater support.

    Both the 3 and 5 position models will handling a maximum gross towing weight of 12,000 lb.

Product Common Use: Construction Trailers, Utility Trailers
B18128 3-Position Adjustable Eye Assembly with 3 Inch Channel - 6-Ton