B1310 1-1/8 Inch Hex Solid Shaft Assembly

  • Easy to use -- just cut to size. No welding required with hex shaft.
  • Accommodates many different applications with the customizable length solid shaft.
  • Torque transfer is kept smooth and continuous via the high quality needle-bearing style universal joints.
  • Solid shaft is ideal for close coupled applications.
  • Order the whole assembly or just replace the part you need.
    Buyers Products B1310 1-1/8 Inch Hex Solid Shaft Assembly can fulfill a variety of coupling applications due to its customizable length. Torque transfer is smooth and continuous. The assembly can easily be cut to length and put to use with no welds required. Buy as a whole assembly, or choose the component that will fit your needs.

    The solid shaft assembly includes one hex end yoke, one hex slip yoke, two journal assemblies, and one solid hex shaft.
Product Common Use: Remote Mount Hydraulic Pumps Shaft Driven Water Pumps , Shaft Driven Air Compressors , Shaft Driven Generators , Shaft Driven Water Pumps
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