Small Hex Union

  • Tough carbon steel construction.
  • 3 piece flare sealing for a tight, secure connection.
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc finish.
  • Meets JIC and SAE standards.
    The Small Hex Union is part of the Buyers Products line of JIC 37-degree flare tube fittings. The fittings feature tough carbon steel construction, 3 piece flare sealing for a tight, secure connection, and a corrosion-resistant zinc finish. Fitting conforms to JIC and SAE specifications.

    Buyers Products tube fittings are used with copper, brass, steel, aluminum, and other tubing that can be flared. They are rated at up to 10,000 PSI depending on tube size.

Product Common Use: Truck and Trailer Hydraulic Systems
H5305X10 Small Hex Union 5/8 Inch Tube O.D. To 5/8 Inch Tube O.D.
H5305X6 Small Hex Union 3/8 Inch Tube O.D. To 3/8 Inch Tube O.D.
H5305X4 Small Hex Union 1/4 Inch Tube O.D. To 1/4 Inch Tube O.D.
H5305X12 Small Hex Union 3/4 Inch Tube O.D. To 3/4 Inch Tube O.D.
H5305X8 Small Hex Union 1/2 Inch Tube O.D. To 1/2 Inch Tube O.D.