UTV Anti-Ice System

  • Brine can be sprayed to help prevent ice formation before the storm even hits.
  • Durable, high density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank.
  • Electric motor is quiet and easy to maintain.
  • Hitch-mounted electric pump and PVC spray bar are easy to remove when the system is not in use.
    Buyers Products UTV Anti-Ice Brine Spraying System gives snow and ice contractors a versatile way to pre-treat sidewalks, steps, and parking lots before the storm hits. Brine creates a barrier on the ground that makes it harder for ice to form. This means clean-up is faster and easier once the snow starts to fall.

    With a low maintenance 6 GPM electric motor and an adjustable PVC spray bar, it’s easy to rapidly cover lots of ground. The 55 gallon high-density polyethylene tank provides secure

    The system features a high density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank that resists corrosion and keeps your brine where it belongs. The hitch-mounted electric pump and one lane PVC spray bar are easy to attach and remove, making them simple to store when the system isn't in use. Adjustable clip-on spray nozzles also come off easily to make cleaning and maintenance painless.

    Manual application control means the system is controlled directly by the vehicle operator. It must be turned on and off and have its flow rate set manually.

    A basic backlit on/off switch is included with the system, but other styles of switch are also available (sold separately). See "Related Items" below for more information.

    Custom configurations are available on request. Contact Customer Service for more information.
Product Common Use: Pre-treating Roads, Street Snow/Ice Control
6190120 SaltDogg® Electric UTV Anti-Ice System - 55 Gallon