12 Volt Electric Jack

  • Provides the easy convenience of an electric jack.
  • Ideal for RVs, it lifts a tongue weight of 3,500 lb.
  • Convenient built-in leveling gauge and LED night light.
  • Will rise to a total height of 24 in. (18 in. electric, 6 in. drop foot).
  • Durable, weather-resistant finish, switches and foot.
  • Can switch to manual crank function if needed.
    The 12 Volt Electric Jack from Buyers Products is a convenient electric way to raise, lower, and level your parked RV or trailer. It has a 48 in. pre-wired trailer connector power supply for quick, plug-in operation.

    Mounted into an A-frame coupler, the jack can power 3,500 lb of tongue weight up to 18 in., with another 6 in. available by releasing a manual drop leg extension.

    The jack features a built-in leveling gauge and an LED night light. Its oversized zinc-plated foot prevents divots. A corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish and weather-sealed switches protect the jack from the elements.

    Should you need it, a manual crank can be used in place of electrical operation.

Product Common Use: RVs, Horse Trailers, Car Trailers
0093500 12 Volt Electric Jack