Buyers Products Announces the SnowDogg™ Plows Evolution

Buyers Products Company 6/30/2017



Buyers Products continues to raise the industry bar for quality and value with this latest evolution of VXF, HD, and EX plows.

The new ergonomic in-cab controller comes standard, and features single button control for all plow functions. The fully enclosed 2HP, DC-powered hydraulic unit comes equipped with SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8 in. rubber hoses. Poly snow deflectors, and dual-beam halogen plow lights also come standard. The newer plows are backwards compatible with earlier mounts.

Commercial and Municipal users get the reliability of the fastest-growing V-plow on the market, backed by powerful components and enhanced features.

Floating A-Frame™

The new tubular steel Floating A-Frame features a sliding-pin connection. This makes the plow less sensitive to mount height, and easy to align. The sliding-pin connection lets the plow contour the road for a clean clear, and helps avoid uneven edge wear, or gaps between the road and a wing. Not to mention, the design increases ground clearance 20% over previous models.

QuickMount II™

No need for a plow jack with the QuickMount II. The plow's integrated swing-down feet are independently actuated and height adjustable, for easy mounting and dismounting even on rugged terrain. With the QuickMount II just drive into position, push on SnowDogg light bar, attach the electrical and safety pins, and kick up the stands.

Find out which plow fits your vehicle by using the SnowDogg Plow Selector tool. It's never too early to get ready for winter!