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Frank Dickinson, Buyers Products Municipal Sales Manager 7/6/2017

Buyers Products Quotes and Delivers Custom 20 Foot Municipal Spreader

We helped Norcia Corporation submit a winning municipal bid – and deliver on it.  Here’s the story.

We got the ask.

In the fall of 2016, owners Pat and Sereniti Norcia, owners of New Jersey-based Norcia Corporation, saw that Middlesex, NJ, released a bid specification asking for a 20-foot, 20 cubic yard spreader. We’d built a solid relationship with Norcia over many years, so they knew who they could call on us to submit a winning bid.

It would be the largest municipal spreader Buyers Products had manufactured to date. And I knew we’d be up for the task.

“We have been selling Buyers Products smaller hopper spreaders to municipality and privateers alike for years. Their municipal spreaders were already my standard for municipal spec writing up to tandem size for several years as well. They are never a disappointment.” - Sereniti Norcia

We got to work. 

Buyers went to bat with a strong team. There’s Dan Doerr, who is head of new product development, Scott Moorman, our director of engineering, Bob Patno, regional sales manager, and me. Plus the skilled and talented folks in Engineering, Manufacturing and the front office who are always ready for a new challenge.

Buyers Products constantly pushes us to take care of our customers with high quality solutions at very competitive prices, and this spreader was no different. We went through the specs, considered all the details, worked to cost it out, and presented the quote.

We were very excited when we got the word that Norcia’s bid won -- but I can’t say that we were surprised.

“Your commitment to customer satisfaction is awesome, and you never stop exploring improvement on every product you sell.” -Sereniti Norcia

We delivered.

Buyers Products manufactures high quality products that are competitively priced because of our deep vertical integration. We build a huge variety of different equipment for the working truck. That makes us uniquely equipped to build right and deliver fast.

So, with specs and plans in hand, our manufacturing department went to work, and in October 2016, we proudly delivered the Middlesex spreader, affectionately known as the “Whopper Hopper,” to Norcia. It was a beautiful, 20 cubic yard hydraulic conveyor chain stainless steel hopper spreader. Pat put the final touches on it by installing 18 different Buyers Products LED lights, plus a pre-wet system that we custom-built to meet the Middlesex specs.

And built more.

Shortly after we delivered it, we got an order from Norcia to build two more. It turned out that two other nearby municipalities wanted the same quality product, at the same savings.

“The three municipalities that have taken delivery of the 20-yarders absolutely love them.”- Sereniti Norcia

In addition to the 20-yarders, Sereniti and Pat exclusively specify and install SaltDogg stainless steel municipal spreaders to their local New Jersey municipalities. Our partnership works because, like them, we’re committed to the customer 110 percent. 

About Norcia Corporation: Owners Pat and Sereniti Norcia have been building and upfitting work trucks, and doing custom fabrication and repairs, since 1966.

Frank Dickinson has been in the business for over 30 years, the past six as a proud member of the Buyers Products family. He is known as “The Municipal Dynamo” to Buyers Products employees and customers alike.