3 Way Valve DC Power Unit - Manual Controls

  • Compact, cost-effective power for operating a snow plow or dump trailer.
  • Includes everything you need to power the job.
  • Built to withstand harsh weather and tough work demands.
  • 3-way functionality: power up/gravity down.
    The 3-Way Valve DC Power Unit - Manual Controls from Buyers Products is an all-in-one, compact power pack. It's ideal for any power up/gravity down hydraulic application such as a plow or dump body.

    You get quick-response functionality from one small package. The unit contains a built-in pump, 12V motor, polymer reservoir, 3 function valve, suction filter, manual handle controls and more. It also features an externally adjustable relief valve for more controlled down operation. It's built to withstand weather and tough work demands.

Product Common Use: Snow Plows, Dump Applications
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