4 Inch Round Rechargeable LED Road Strobe/Flares

  • IP67 rated for water and dust resistance.
  • Rechargeable and includes charging cables.
  • Flares features nine flash patterns including steady "on" mode for use as a flashlight.
    Buyers Products 4 Inch Round Rechargeable LED Road Strobe/Flares have 16 LEDs with nine flash patterns for high visibility. The flares also have a steady "on" mode to be used as a flashlight when needed. They are designed to be an alternative to incendiary road flares. The IP67 waterproof rated and crush-proof orange housing includes a magnetic bottom and hanging loop. The flares are great for marine applications due to their ability to float. The battery has a recharging time of 4-5 hours.

    Individually packaged LED road flares come with a charging cradle, USB cord, 110V AC adapter, and a 12V DC adapter. The set of six flares with a charging base/carrying case with 12V and 120V charging connections.

Product Common Use: Work Trucks, Agricultural Equipment, Trucks
8891018 4 Inch Round Rechargeable Strobe/Flare Kit - With 6 Flares And Charging Case
8891016 4 Inch Amber Round Rechargeable Road Strobe/Flare With 16 LED