40 GPM Series Sectional Valves

  • Tough cast-iron sectional design for reliability and versatility.
  • Handles the most demanding jobs with a maximum rating of 4300 PSI (when the main relief is set to a higher pressure).
  • Adjustable main relief lets you tackle jobs of varying demands.
  • Additional job-specific workload protection with optional port reliefs (angle and dump) available.
  • Many spool/Power Beyond configurations available to fit your exact needs.
  • Can accommodate handle or cable controls.
  • Features load hold check in the neutral position, precision-machined and ground spools, and easily replaceable spool end seals.
  • Applications that require critical load holding installer must use P.O. (Pilot Operated) checks or counter balance valves as well.
    The 40 GPM Valve from Buyers Products is a tough, cast-iron sectional valve that can accommodate handle or cable controls to meet your hydraulic needs. It's designed for high-flow, high-pressure work requirements.

    The valve can handle the most demanding jobs, with a maximum rating of 4300 PSI when the main relief is set at a higher pressure.

    The main relief is adjustable from 1300 to 3000 PSI (factory preset at 2150 PSI ). Two additional adjustable port reliefs -- angle and dump -- are available to provide protection for the specific job.

    This sectional valve offers a lot of versatility in spool action and Power Beyond options to configure to your work needs. It can accommodate cable or handle controls. All valves have cylinder spools unless specified as motor.

    Additional configurations are available. Please contact Customer Service for further information.
Product Common Use: Hydraulic Systems
BV404PR 40 GPM Valves 4-Way with 1 Port Relief
BV404 40 GPM Valves 4-Way
BV403PB 40 GPM Valves 3-Way with Power Beyond
BV403 40 GPM Valves 3-Way