Hydraulic with Flow Meter for Automatic Application Rate Control

  • Brine can be sprayed to help prevent ice formation before the storm even hits.
  • Applies brine based on road speed when paired with a ground speed-oriented controller (sold separately).
  • High density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank features integrated baffling to reduce "sloshing" and vehicle wear.
  • Stainless steel spray bar available in one or three-lane configurations.
  • System comes standard with black powder-coated leg stand, making loading, unloading, and storing the system easy.
  • Works with your truck's central hydraulics.
  • Micro-Trak Roadmaster™ controller provides accurate rate control and performance tracking (sold separately).
    Buyers Products Hydraulic Anti-Ice Systems with Liquid Flow Meter work with your truck's hydraulic system to rapidly apply brine. Brine creates a barrier on the ground that makes it harder for ice to form. This means clean-up is faster and easier once the snow starts to fall. These systems pump out up to 235 gallons of liquid per minute, making it easy to get roads, highways, and large lots treated before the storm hits.

    The system features a high density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank. The tank has integrated baffling to suppress sloshing. This reduces undue wear to your vehicle and improves vehicle control. You can fill and empty the tank using the system's pump. A powder-coated frame-stand comes standard, so loading and unloading the system from your truck and off-season storage are easy.

    The durable stainless steel spray bar is available in one- or three-lane configurations and features clip-on spray nozzles with adjustable angles. The nozzles attach and remove easily to make cleaning and maintenance painless. Manifold-type fittings made with glass-injected polypropylene support leak-free connections and easy service.

    These systems include a liquid flow meter. When paired with a ground speed-oriented controller, this enables automatic flow rate control. The vehicle operator sets how many gallons of brine should be applied per lane mile, and the system does the rest. It will automatically adjust the amount of liquid being sprayed based on vehicle speed. This ensures consistent surface coverage, and it saves you material.

    Controller sold separately. Any ground speed-oriented controller is compatible, but Buyers recommends the Micro-Trak Roadmaster™. It features both a GPS for precise application rate control and the ability to download usage data to analyze your efficiency and performance. See "Related Items" below for more information.

    Custom configurations are available on request. Please contact Customer Service for more information.
Product Common Use: Pre-treating Roads, Highway and Road Snow/Ice Control
6192736 1750 Gallon Hydraulic Anti-Ice System with Three-Lane Spray Bar and Flow Meter
6192731 1750 Gallon Hydraulic Anti-Ice System with One-Lane Spray Bar and Flow Meter
6192716 1065 Gallon Hydraulic Anti-Ice System with Three-Lane Spray Bar and Flow Meter
6192711 1065 Gallon Hydraulic Anti-Ice System with One-Lane Spray Bar and Flow Meter