Adjustable Cast Steel Couplers Without Channel

  • Easy one-hand latch operation.
  • Keep it conveniently pinned open while coupling the trailer.
  • Rugged cast steel construction.
  • Mounts to a channel for height adjustability.
    The Adjustable Cast Couplers from Buyers Products takes the chore out of coupling your trailer. Its spring-loaded auto-engage latch lets you quickly lock it to a hitch ball with just one hand. The latch can be pinned opened for ease of uncoupling--however you must ensure you engage the safety pin to the the coupler onto the ball before moving.

    Made of rugged cast steel, the coupler can handle loads of 10,000 lbs (2 in. ball opening) or 15,000 lb (2-5/16 in. ball opening). The coupler is designed for multiple mounting configurations in a 3 in. channel. It includes a zinc-plated latch with safety pin and cable.
Product Common Use: Equipment Trailers, Construction Trailers
0091600 2-5/16 Inch Steel Coupler - 25,000 Pound Capacity
0091540 2 Inch Steel Coupler - 10,000 Pound Capacity
0091550 2-5/16 Inch Steel Coupler - 15,000 Pound Capacity