Continuous Duty 12 Volt Plastic Case Solenoid

  • Keep on plowing with this continuous starter solenoid.
  • Continuous duty starter stays on and won't overheat.
  • Reliable starting power for your crane, lift gate, spreader, or plow.
  • Sealed waterproof design.
    The continuous duty 12 Volt Plastic Case Solenoid from Buyers Products will not overheat when you are operating your plow or spreader, keeping you out of the cold.

    Its low-input, high-output operation is ideal for 12V vehicle starters, cranes, lift gates, snow plows, and salt spreaders that require heavy duty electric motors.

    Available in a continuous motor relay and an intermittent 150A motor relay option, the waterproof, sealed design will keep your engine starting reliably all season.
Product Common Use: Plows, Salt Spreaders, Cranes, Lift Gates
1306317 12 Volt Plastic Case Insulated Solenoid Continuous Duty Motor Relay
1304719 12 Volt Plastic Case Insulated Solenoid Intermittent Duty 150 Amp Motor Relay