Micro-Trak® Roadmaster™

  • Adjusts the rate brine is being sprayed to compensate for vehicle speed, meaning proper coverage at any velocity.
  • Downloadable reports help monitor usage and performance to help save you time and money.
  • Offers precision control from the comfort of your truck cab.
  • Mounting hardware included.
    The Micro-Trak Roadmaster™ is a ground speed control system. Ideal for use with Buyers Products Anti-Ice Systems with Automatic Application Rate Control, it adjusts the amount of brine being sprayed based on the speed of the vehicle. This means proper coverage with minimal wasted liquid and precision control from the comfort of your cab. The Roadmaster™ has three integrated switches to control the different booms of your spray bar and includes mounting hardware.

    The unit has a number of downloadable reports so that users can monitor usage and performance data. Save time and money by getting the most out of every bit of brine.
Product Common Use: Automatic Anti-Ice Systems
9021000 Micro-Trak® Roadmaster™