Die Cast 3 Point Compression Latch

2109-LL90003 MFG #: Buyers Products Company
  • Strong, secure compression operation.
  • Latch is secure and stays shut with the adjustable cam action roller engagement.
  • Equipped with mounting studs for 3 point rods.
  • Corrosion-resistant powder-coated housing.
  • Helps keep dirt, grime, and dust out of your box.
  • Corrosion-resistant chrome plated T-handle.
    Buyers Products Die Cast 3 Point Compression Latch features an adjustable cam and 2 additional mounting studs for 3 point rods on the rotating hub. The cam action roller engagement rotates closed and then "cinches" the plunger against the compartment body, pulling the door close into the body. The cam adjusts from .850 in. to 1.3 in. to ensure the best fit for the job.

    Each latch has a chrome T-handle and locking chrome shank with keys. Hidden studs keep rivets from view and add a layer of protection. All latches have a powder-coated housing for maximum corrosion resistance.
Product Common Use: Toolboxes, Service Bodies, Cabinets, Storage Boxes