Drop-Forged Tow/Recovery Hook Pairs

  • Rugged drop-forged construction built for loads up to 13,500 lb.
  • Available in three finishes.
    Drop-Forged Towing Hook Pairs from Buyers Products are installed on a bus or truck to allow it to be efficiently pulled from a ditch or other recovery towing situation.

    The hooks are bolted to the right and left sides of the front or rear of the frame for easy access to the towing vehicle. They are rated for a working load limit of 13,500 lb.

    The hooks come in pairs of right- and left-hand patterns. Choose from black powder-coated or chrome-plated finishes, or no finish.
Product Common Use: Recovery Towing
B2800A Plain Finish Drop Forged Towing Hook Pairs
B2800AC Chrome Plated Drop-Forged Towing Hook Pairs
B2800AB Black Powder Coated Drop Forged Towing Hook Pairs