Filler/Breather Weld Flange Adapter

  • Great for those fabricating their own hydraulic reservoirs.
  • Fits most standard filler/breather units.
  • Provides a 1 in. rise.
    The Filler/Breather Weld Flange Adapter from Buyers Products allows you to install a filler/breather cap to the top of your hydraulic reservoir. It's ideal if you are fabricating your own reservoir.

    Made of steel or aluminum, the adapter welds to the top of your reservoir. It features standard 6-bolt, 2 in. center design to fit most standard filler/breather units, and provides a 1 in. rise.

Product Common Use: Hydraulic Reservoirs, Hydraulic Tanks
TAF001 Steel Filler-Breather Weld Flange Adapter
TAF001A Aluminum Filler-Breather Weld Flange Adapter