Standard Size Flush-Mount Non-Locking Paddle Latch

  • Ideal for repeated daily use, you can shut it and go.
  • Can be bolted on or welded on.
    Buyers Products Standard Size Flush Mount Non-Locking Paddle Latch is a single point latch built to handle the demands of daily use.

    The non-locking, rectangular latch is designed to mount into a 3-3/8 in. by 4-5/8 in. recess and is available in rust-resistant steel (welded on) or stainless steel (bolted on).
Product Common Use: Toolboxes, Truck Boxes, Storage Boxes, Tack boxes
N3980 Rust Resistant Steel Single Point Non-Locking Paddle Latch - Weld-On
N3885 Stainless Steel Single Point Non-Locking Paddle Latch - Thru-Hole Mount