Heavy Duty Poly Storage Bin Series

  • Corrosion free poly construction.
  • Double panel sloped lid helps snow stay out of the box.
  • Integral hasp for easy locking.
  • Fork lift slots and handles for convenient moving.
  • Stackable for efficient storage.
    Buyers Products Heavy Duty Poly Storage Bins provide a dry space for storing loose materials like salt, feed, or sand. Bins can also be used for storing any type of loose work equipment, sporting equipment, or other objects that need a sturdy bin. The bins feature a durable, corrosion-free, poly construction, a stainless steel hinge, and a double-paneled sloped lid to help ward off rain and snow. The bins feature both hand holds and fork lift slots to making moving them easy. Bins are stackable for efficient storage.
Product Common Use: Salt Storage, Feed Storage, Sand Storage, Storage for Loose Equipment
9031100 8.8 Cubic Foot Poly Storage Bin
9031105 5.8 Cubic Foot Poly Storage Bin