Side-Pin Square Jacks

  • Easy retraction and expansion with the spring return mechanism.
  • Strong, durable 4-in. square construction will handle up to 10,000 lb (dynamic) and 12,000 lb (static).
  • Corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish.
  • Can be ordered with or without handle.
    The Side-Pin Heavy Duty Square Jack from Buyers Products features a spring-return drop leg that allows easier expanding and retracting. The spring return is activated by pulling a sturdy side-mounted pin to drop the leg.

    Ideal for RVs, construction trailers and triaxial trailers, each jack has a 10,000 lb (dynamic) and 12,000 lb (static) capacity.

    The 4 in. square tube features a weather-resistant black powder-coated finish, and includes a footpad.

    Note: If using dual jacks, use the front pin style of this product.

    39.72" fully extended; 27.28" fully retracted.
Product Common Use: RVs, Construction Trailers, Triaxial Trailers, Utility Trailers
0091410H 12 Inch Heavy-Duty Side Pin 4 Inch Square Jack with Handle
0091410 12 Inch Heavy-Duty Side Pin 4 Inch Square Jack - No Handle