Electric In-Bed Anti-Ice System

  • Controls road ice before the storm even hits.
  • Forms a barrier between snow and road so snow and ice don't stick.
  • Mounts into a 2 in. receiver for quick and easy one person installation.
  • Dispenses up to 50 gal per lane mile with a diaphragm pump that runs at 6 GPM.
  • Runs on 12V, with 28 amps max, and connects via a rear quick connect harness.
  • Standard in-cab controller for easy on/off functionality.
  • Pressure switch activates pump on demand to maximize efficiency.
  • Features stainless steel pump cover with LED license plate light.
  • Tanks are not intended for fuel storage. Maximum contact operating temperature of 110° F.
    Buyers Products Electric In-Bed Anti-Ice System dependably delivers anti-ice liquid spray at a rate of up to 50 gallons per lane mile. The spray system can be mounted into a 2 in. receiver, and is available with 210, 325, or 550 gal tanks. The unit features a stainless steel pump cover, with an LED license plate light. Installation can be done easily with one person.

    The electric-powered diaphragm pump runs on 12V, with 28 amps max. It connects to your truck battery via a rear quick connect harness, and runs at 6 GPM. Tanks are produced out of all-virgin, medium-density polyethylene,that contains ultraviot (UV) inhibiting stabilizers for long-term outdoor storage.

Product Common Use: Anti-Ice Systems, Highway and Road Snow/Ice Control