Inspection Doors

  • Provides an opening into the dump body for any task not requiring the entire tailgate to be lowered.
  • Customize the handle for right- or left-handed operation.
  • Detent door holder for reliable positioning.
  • Choose the door to fit your dump size.
  • Durable carbon steel construction with a paintable zinc chromate primer finish.
    Buyers Products Inspection Door provides a small access opening in the tailgate for any task that does not require the entire tailgate to be lowered.

    Designed to be welded onto the dump body tailgate, the door has a detent door holder to position into place and a turn buckle door travel adjustment.

    Made of durable carbon or stainless steel, it has a bolt-on, locking door handle that can be interchanged for left- or right-hand operation. The door has a zinc chromate primer finish and can be painted to match your vehicle.

    Choose the size that matches your dump: 7.25 in. opening height for 1 ton to super duty dumps or 13.7 in. height for medium and heavy class dumps.
Product Common Use: Dump Body Applications, Dump Trucks, Work Trucks
CCD0714 Inspection Door with Detent - 7.25 x 13.75 Inch Door Opening-Plain Finish
CCD1314 Inspection Door with Detent - 12.38 x 13.5 Inch Door Opening-Plain Finish
CCD0714SS Inspection Door with Detent - 7.25 x 13.75 Inch Door Opening-Stainless Steel