24 Inch LED Modular Light Bar

361 MFG #: Buyers Products Company
  • Stock or custom configurations are available to fit any need.
  • Amber light bar has a SAE Class 1 and CA13 rating.
  • Backed with a 5 year warranty.
    Buyers Products 24 Inch LED Modular Light Bar is available in two standard configurations and can be customized by request. It comes with amber or amber/clear strobes. The amber light bar is SAE Class 1 certified and has a CA13 rating.

    The 24 in. light bar operates at 3-6A and features a dimming mode. It comes with a 10 ft pre-wired power/function cable. Middle strobes have three LEDs and corner strobe heads have six LEDs.

    The light bar has an extruded aluminum frame with two recessed mounting channels. Mounting feet and controller are sold separately.

    Light bars can be customized by adding your choice of amber, blue, clear, and/or red strobes.

    They are backed with a 5 year warranty.
Product Common Use: Work Trucks, Safety Vehcilces, Utility Trucks