24 Inch LED Modular Light Bar

  • Stock or custom configurations are available to fit any need.
  • 24 flash patterns.
  • Amber light bar has a SAE Class 1 and CA13 rating.
  • Backed with a 5 year warranty.
    Buyers Products 24 Inch LED Modular Light Bar is available in two standard configurations and can be customized by request. It comes standard with amber or amber/clear strobes. The amber light bar is SAE Class 1 certified and has a CA13 rating.

    Customize your light bar by adding amber, blue, clear, and/or red strobes. Middle strobes have three LEDs and corner strobe heads have six LEDs with a total of 24 different flash patterns.

    The light bar operates at 3-6A and features a dimming mode. It features an extruded aluminum frame with two recessed mounting channels and a 10 ft pre-wired power/function cable.

    Mounting feet and controller are sold separately. Please contact Customer Service for more information or a custom quote.

    Modular light bars are backed with a 5 year warranty.
Product Common Use: Work Trucks, Safety Vehcilces, Utility Trucks
8893024 24 Inch Amber Modular Light Bar With 6 LED Modules
88930243 24 Inch Amber/Clear Modular Light Bar With 6 LED Modules