PVC Conduit Carrier Kit

  • Easily access conduit with a spring-loaded latching mechanism.
  • Lock and secure conduit by adding a padlock to the pre-drilled tabs on carrier cap (padlock not included).
  • Includes everything you need to build and mount a conduit carrier.
  • Build to any length needed.
  • Conduit pipe sold separately.
    Buyers Products PVC Conduit Carrier Kit is designed to mount on ladder racks and can be adjusted to build a carrier to any length. Its cast aluminum cap has a spring-loaded latching mechanism that allows easy access to the conduit. A neoprene gasket on the door seals the PVC to keep the interior dry. For added security, the ends have pre-drilled padlock tabs (padlock not included).

    Available to fit 4 in., 6 in., or 8 in. diameter PVC (not sold by Buyers Products), the PVC Conduit Carrier Kit includes everything needed for fast installation.
Product Common Use: Contractors, Ladder Racks, Electricians, Plumbers
CC600 6 Inch Diameter PVC Conduit Carrier Kit
CC800 8 Inch Diameter PVC Conduit Carrier Kit
CC400 4 Inch Diameter PVC Conduit Carrier Kit