Quarter Poly Fenders for Dual Rear Wheels

  • 100% polypropylene construction won't rust or corrode.
  • Durable, forgiving, and lightweight poly construction.
  • 24in. x 24 in.
  • Includes steel tubing mount, clamp, 5.5" top poly flap extension and hardware
  • 8592425 frame mounting post (sold separately)
    Buyers Products Quarter Poly Fenders for Dual Rear Wheels have an integrated 5.5" top poly flap extension for added protection. The fenders are constructed from 100% polypropylene and will not rust or corrode. The fenders are durable, lightweight, and forgiving.They take a beating so the rest of your truck doesn't have to.

    Mounting kit sold separately (Part Number 8592425). See below for more information.
Product Common Use: Trucks with Dual Rear Wheels
8592427 Single Poly Quarter Fender
8592424 Quarter Poly Fender for Dual Rear Wheels
8592426 Fender Tube with Clamp and Bolts, set of 2
8592428 Poly Fender Flap Extension, set of 2
8592425 Tube Mount, set of 2