SaltDogg® 3.5-5.5 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Conveyor Chain Spreader (Discontinued Models)

  • Designed for dump bodies and flatbeds with a 15,000 to 19,500 lb GVW (gross vehicle weight).
  • Available with 96 in., 108 in., or 120 in. hoppers with a capacity from 3.5 to 5 cubic yards.
  • Hydraulic powered drive with two motors for conveyor and spinner operation.
  • Spreads bulk salt, bulk sand, or a 50/50 salt/sand mix.
  • Hydraulic spreader controls sold separately with variety of options available.
  • 18 in. poly spinner broadcasts up to 30 ft, using a regular or extended chute.
  • Versatile 14-1/2 in. chain conveyor drive.
  • Two chute baffles allow you to adjust the spread pattern to your use.
  • High quality, 304 stainless steel construction for optimum corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel inverted V reduces stress on the drive line and improves flow.
  • Four hinged top screens with 1/4 in. bars included.
    Please note: all spreaders listed on this page have been discontinued. Buyers has upgraded all midsize hopper spreaders.

Product Common Use: Salt Spreaders, Snow and Ice Control, Road and Highway Maintenance, Municipal Spreaders
1400560SSH (DISCONTINUED) SaltDogg® 5.5 Cubic Yard Hydrualic Stainless Steel Mid-Size Hopper Spreader
1400465SSH (DISCONTINUED) SaltDogg® 3.0 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Stainless Steel Mid-Size Hopper Spreader
1400475SSH 1400475SSH Replaced By 14708F462211
1400500SSH (DISCONTINUED) SaltDogg® 4.0 Cubic Yard Hydraulic Stainless Steel Mid-Size Hopper Spreader