SaltDogg® MDS CH Municipal Combination Dump Spreader with Conveyor Chain

  • Allows you to use a single piece of equipment year-round for municipal-quality spreading, dumping, and hauling.
  • Corrosion resistant 7 Ga. 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Can handle salt, sand, or a mix with its 30-1/4 in. steel pintle chain conveyor with 1/2 in. bar flights on every link for consistent material delivery.
  • Unique roll-formed sides maximize capacity and material flow.
  • Reinforced multi-panel tailgate design with a removable inspection door.
  • Powerful hydraulic drive handles the demands of municipal applications.
  • Hitch mounted, removable, Hex-Flow spinner ensures balanced material distribution with a 40 ft spread radius.
  • Dump, plow and spreader controls available separately in a variety of configurations.
  • Made in the USA.
    Buyers Products SaltDogg MDS CH Municipal Combination Dump Spreader with Conveyor Chainr allows you to use a single piece of equipment year-round for municipal-quality spreading, dumping, and hauling. Unique features like roll-formed sides, a cross member-free floor, and a patented twin cylinder tailgate latch help the MDS stand out as an ideal multi-functional solution.

    The MDS (CH) features a 7 Ga. 304 stainless steel body with 53 in. sides. A reinforced multi-panel tailgate uses a patented twin air cylinder tailgate latch. The tailgate has a chute inspection door that can be removed for seasonal use. A Mailhot­­® 3 stage, double-acting, front trunnion-mounted hoist ensures smooth dump action. The body comes equipped with Buyers Products LED DOT truck lights and rear strobes.

    Material Flow and Spread
    The MDS (CH) comes equipped with a 30-1/4 in. wide D667XH steel pintle chain conveyor with 1/2 in. bars on every conveyor link to swiftly deliver large volumes of material. Driven by a hydraulic motor with a 25:1 worm gear box, the conveyor chain is ideal for heavy, wet materials including sand, salt, gravel, or a mix. The spinner is powered by a direct drive hydraulic motor. The MDS (CH) features a heavy duty driveline with a 2 in. drive shaft, bearings with 8-tooth sprockets, and a 2 in. spring loaded idler shaft.

    Multi-Season Use
    The spreader body was thoughtfully designed for year round use. A stainless steel cover plate converts the conveyor chain into a false floor when not in use. The hitch-mounted "hex flow" spinner assembly can be removed when not in use. The "hex flow" design funnels material to the center of the 24 in. stainless steel spinner disc for even dispersion in a radius of 2 ft to 40 ft. A built-in diverter can adjust the spread pattern further.

    Buyers Products offers a full line of Municipal Dump Spreaders. Many custom options are available, including cab shields, ladders, top screens, electric tarp systems, under chain floor pans, pre-wet systems, anti-ice systems, and central hydraulic systems. Please call Customer Service for more information.

Product Common Use: Road and Highway Salt Application, Snow and Ice Control, Dump Applications
933103648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 10 Foot
933153648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 15 Foot
933133648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 13 Foot
933113648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 11 Foot
933093648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 9 Foot
933123648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 12 Foot
933143648 SaltDogg™ Muncipal Dump Spreader - 14 Foot