ScoopDogg™ Loader Snow Pusher

  • Strong, durable construction with an H-beam backbone.
  • Prevent roll back damage with lower posts positioned higher off the ground.
  • Durable 7 Ga rolled steel moldboard.
  • Carry strength to the whole pusher with fully-welded high and low posts that tie directly into the H beam.
  • Abrasion-resistant wear shoes made of AR400 steel.
  • Premium grade rubber compound cutting edge.
  • Durable Tuff-Kote™ powder coat protects your pusher for years to come.
  • Included high-visibility blade guides.
    Buyers Products ScoopDogg Loader Snow Pusher offers a strong and reliable containment plow for contractors looking to clear large areas of hard-packed snow and ice. The pusher is built on a foundation of strength. The 12 in. H-beam backbone dissipates blunt force and adds additional strength where it is needed most. The H-beam can't carry the load alone, which is why upper and lower posts tie directly into the H-beam. Lower posts are positioned higher off the ground to help prevent damage in case of a roll back. The 5 in. channel is braced directly to the upper posts and H-beam structure to take the oncoming force.

    ScoopDogg pushers are crafted with pride and built using high quality materials. This model features a 7 Ga moldboard and 3/8 in. thick side-containment plates. The upper and lower post are fully seam welded for the most durable construction.

    Buyers Products Tuff Kote™ powder coating process extends the life of your pusher. First, it's sandblasted to remove all impurities and contaminants. Next, it's primed to seal and fill any inconsistencies in the material. A top coat then acts as an additional primer and prepares the surface for the final treatment -- a super durable polyester powder coat to protect your plow from the elements for years to come.

    ScoopDogg pushers come ready to work with AR400 extremely abrasion resistant wear surfaces on the wear shoes. The shoes are attached with Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screws (HHCS). The 1-1/2 by 10 in. rubber compound cutting edge gives you durability and ground contact you need to get the job done right.
Product Common Use: Parking Lots, Hard-Packed Snow and Ice
2601118 ScoopDogg™ Loader Snow Pusher 18 Foot Wide
2601112 ScoopDogg Loader Snow Pusher 12 Foot Wide
2601120 ScoopDogg™ Loader Snow Pusher 20 Foot Wide
2601116 ScoopDogg™ Loader Snow Pusher 16 Foot Wide
2601114 ScoopDogg™ Loader Snow Pusher 14 Foot Wide