Side Mount Cylindrical Aluminum Reservoir

  • Features 2 in. NPT suction/return ports on either end of the tank.
  • Durable, light-weight aluminum construction for appearance and corrosion resistance.
  • Versatile reservoir works for many hydraulic/fluid storage applications
  • Attractive cylindrical design can match your fuel tank for a neat, coordinated appearance.
  • Mounting hardware, insulated mounting straps, and a filler breather unit with basket strainer included.
    The Side Mount Cylindrical Aluminum Reservoir Cylinder from Buyers Products is a versatile, lightweight fluid storage option for many different applications. It is available in 35 gal, 50 gal, or 70 gal capacities.

    The cylindrical design and aluminum construction can match your truck's fuel tank for a clean, coordinated appearance. It features a durable 11 Ga aluminum shell and 12 Ga heads.

    The reservoir features 2 in. NPT suction return/ports on each end of the tank and a 1/2 in. NPT port/drain on the tank's bottom. The included mounting brackets wrap under the tank to give added stability and support. Rubber-insulated stainless steel straps are also included to keep it secure.

    Each unit includes a quarter-turn filler breather unit with a basket strainer for keeping contaminants out of the fluid.
Product Common Use: Truck and Trailer Hydraulic Systems, Semis/OTR Trucks, Service Trucks
SMC70A 70 Gallon Side Mount Aluminum Hydraulic Reservoir
SMC50A 50 Gallon Side Mount Aluminum Hydraulic Reservoir
SMC35A 35 Gallon Side Mount Aluminum Hydraulic Reservoir