Side Mount Steel Reservoir

  • Tough, durable 13 Ga steel construction.
  • Fully baffled to keep oil cool and moving correctly.
  • Includes level/temperature sight gauge.
    The Side Mount Steel Reservoir from Buyers Products is built of tough 13 Ga steel and is designed to install on the side of your truck.

    The reservoir is fully baffled to control fluid movement and keep things cool. It features a sight level and temperature gauge and a quarter turn filler breather unit. A 2 in. NPT return port/drain is located at the bottom.

    Choose from a 50 gal or 70 gal size to fit your needs. Mounting brackets are sold separately.
Product Common Use: Truck and Trailer Hydraulic Systems, Semis/OTR Trucks, Service Trucks
SMS70S 70 Gallon Side Mount Steel Hydraulic Reservoir
SMS50S 50 Gallon Side Mount Steel Hydraulic Reservoir