SnowDogg® 42 Inch Trip Edge Stainless Municipal Plow Assembly

  • Make an investment that will last with a 10 Ga 304 stainless steel moldboard.
  • Responsive trip-edge design with 5 adjustable torsion springs.
  • Expect quality with a frame that is fully-welded to the moldboard, never stitch-welded
  • Stand up to heavy use with eight 1/2 by 3-1/2 in. laser cut steel ribs and two structural steel horizontal braces.
  • Easy access and protection of angle cylinders due to the above-A-frame mount.
  • Keep the plow blade flush to the ground with the A-frame's self-leveling swivel action.
  • 2 in. plated king pin runs through a 3 in. OD, 1/2 in. thick DOM tube with integrated grease fitting.
  • Strong pivot point connections from the push frame to the moldboard via eight 1-1/4 in. plated pins.
  • Choose the attack angle that best suites your needs with 4 adjustable positions.
  • Value-driven purchase with standard integrated running gear mounts, and cushion cross-valves.
  • Born and built with pride on the shores of Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.
    Buyers SnowDogg 42 Inch Stainless Trip Edge Municipal Plow Assembly gives cities and municipalities the option to have a reliable and durable plow in a trip edge design. Five adjustable torsion spring offer a smoother trip for the plow than tension or compression springs. The adjustable 4-position attack angle and standard 5/8 by 8 in. carbon steel cutting edge allow you to maximize your clearing power for your specific plowing conditions. The structural top channel is built "open-through" to allow water to drain.

    Born and built on the shores of Lake Erie, a SnowDogg plow is an investment made to last. Eight heavy-duty, laser cut steel ribs, and two additional structural steel angle iron horizontal braces give the plow needed rigidity. A 4 in. by 4 in. bottom angle, with reinforcement grommets every 12 in. ensure that the corners of the plow have as much strength as the center. For added strength the frame is fully welded to the mold board, not stitch molded like some other products on the market. SnowDogg stainless steel plows are built exclusively from 304 stainless steel to ensure quality and durability. The 10 gauge stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant, and sheds snow due to its natural tendency not to let snow "stick" to the face of the moldboard.

    SnowDogg municipal plows have added strength where its most needed. Twin 3 or 4 in. single acting chrome plated hydraulic angle cylinders allow for heavy duty power reversing. The cylinders are mounted on top of the A-frame for protection and easy access. The self-leveling A-frame follows the contour of the road, and allows for swivel action to keep the blade flush to the ground. The A-frame supports a 2 in. plated king pin king pin which is encased in a piece of 3 in DOM (drawn over manual) tubing. The push frame is built from 4 in. by 4 in. steel tubing, and extends the full width of the plow to spread the power across the plow blade. Eight 1-1/4 in. plated pins attach the push frame to the mold board ribs through pairs of 5/8 in. steel plates in order to form pivot point connections. Anchor plates are encased and continuously welded to the push frame to provide greater strength.

    Buyers Products sets a new bar for what you should expect from your plow company. Municipal plows come standard with features like integrated running gear mounts, and installed cushion valves to protect your cylinders from impact loads. Buyers Products vertical integration, and diversity in truck equipment manufacturing allows them to go to market with high quality plows at an aggressive price.
Product Common Use: Highway Use, Municipalities, Cities, DOTs
1662220600 PLOW, MUNI, 10ftX42in, TE, SST, SWVL, 3in CYL
1662220602 PLOW, MUNI, 10ftX42in, TE, SST, SWVL, 4in CYL
1664220600 PLOW, MUNI, 12ftX42in, TE, SST, SWVL, 3in CYL
1663220600 PLOW, MUNI, 11ftX42in, TE, SST, SWVL, 3in CYL
1664220602 PLOW, MUNI, 12ftX42in, TE, SST, SWVL, 4in CYL
1663220602 PLOW, MUNI, 11ftX42in, TE, SST, SWVL, 4in CYL