SnowDogg® VUT UTV Snow Plow

Compatible with most major UTV brands

Low Maintenance Blade
The corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard never needs painted. A robust frame spreads impact across the entire blade to reduce wear on vital components.

• Three laser-cut steel ribs reinforce each wing
• 1/4 in. abrasion-resistant AR400 steel cutting edge
• Aggressive 70° attack angle
• Narrows to a 60 in. width in V position to navigate tight spaces
Easy, Adaptable Attachment
Get your plow on and off your UTV in minutes with the dual foot pedal mounting system. Just engage the pedals, attach the safety pins, and connect the electrical.
Smooth Trip Edge Action
Each wing has an independent trip edge to protect your equipment from hidden curbs and obstacles without dumping the snow you're pushing.
Components You Can Rely On
From the heavy duty lift frame to the fully enclosed hydraulic power unit, the SnowDogg VUT is built to endure whatever winter throws at you.

• Powerful 1-1/2 in. lift cylinder
• Double-acting 1-1/2 in. angle cylinders for powerful back dragging.
• Fully enclosed 2 HP hydraulic power unit
• Hefty 3/8 in. rubber hoses
Included Accessories
Intuitive in-cab controls are simple to use even with gloves on. The one-handed controller puts all plows functions in the palm of your hand. Wire reinforced blade guides also come standard.