DTG Series Manual Dump Tarp Kits with Ground-Level Crank

  • Built for simple dump body applications.
  • Crank can be mounted at ground level for ease-of use.
  • Kit comes with included 10 ft chain to connect ground level crank to tarp roller.
  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Tarps are sold separately.
    Buyers Products DTG Series Dump Tarp Kit is built for dump body tarp applications, and features a crank that can be mounted at ground level. The kit comes standard with 10 ft chain to connect the ground level crank with tarp roller.

    The durable extruded aluminum tarp roller telescopes to the exact width of your truck. The kit includes: 7 in. folding crank with detent, tarp roller, a 20 ft pull-rope, rope tie down hooks, and two rubber tarp straps with S-hooks. All tarps must be ordered separately.

Product Common Use: Dump Bodies
DTG Ground Level Tarp Crank