Tie Bar

  • The heavy duty tie bar is available in multiple lengths for various applications.
  • Standard 1-1/2 in. width works with U-bolts and tie-down rods.
  • The plain finish is suitable for painting as needed.
    Buyers Products Tie Bars work in conjunction with tie down rods or U-bolts to mount truck equipment to a chassis. The tie bars are square-ended and have a plain finish which can be painted if needed. They are available in multiple lengths and are a standard 1-1/2 in. wide, thus compatible with Buyers Products U-bolts and tie down rods.

    Additional lengths are available by special order. Please contact Customer Service for further information.
Product Common Use: Fastening Truck Equipment
B2162H Tie Bar for 3-3/4 Inch Frame - 4-1/2 Inch Center to Center Holes
B2162N Tie Bar for 3-1/2 Inch Frame - 4-1/4 Inch Center to Center Holes