Traffic Cone Holder

  • Pre-drilled mounting plate for easy installation.
  • Provide easy access to your stored traffic cones.
  • Attractive, corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish.
  • Holds 18 in. or 28 in. sized cones.
  • Ideal for vehicles with limited storage space.
    Buyers Products Traffic Cone Holders allow easy stacking and storing in a tight space. Each holder can fit up to ten 18 in. cones or five 28 in. cones.

    Sold in quantities of 2, these holders feature an attractive, corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish. Two configurations allow for easy installation to either a vertical or a horizontal flat surface.
Product Common Use: Traffic Cone Storage
TCH10H Horizontal Mount Traffic Cone Holders Black Powder Coat
TCH10V Vertical Mount Traffic Cone Holders Black Powder Coat