Universal Camera Washing System

2671-8882150 MFG #: Buyers Products Company
  • Clears dirt and road grime of rear view cameras on demand
  • Included pump creates 12.7 PSI fluid pressure to thoroughly wash-off camera.
  • Touch pad controller is pressure-sensitive for focused operation.
    Buyers Products Universal Camera Washing System clears dirt and road grime of rear view cameras on demand. Rear view cameras are typically mounted in a position where they constantly gets caked with road salt, mud, dirt, grime, and other debris. A washing system proves especially useful for refuse trucks, trucks in winter climates, and trucks that are used on non-paved roads.

    Hardware is included to mount to the Buyers Products Standard Camera, but the system can be mounted to any rear view camera. System includes: 1-1/2 quart tank with mounting bracket for easy mounting, 9-1/2 ft fluid tube with pressure nozzle, pump to create 12.7 PSI fluid pressure, touch pad in-cab controller, 32 ft power cord, and mounting hardware. The system is 12-24V, and can be wired directly into your truck's electric.
Product Common Use: Rear View Camera Washing, Side View Camera Washing, Cargo Observation Camera Washing