Universal Mounting Kit for Crossover, Saddle, and Gull Wing Truck Tool Boxes

  • Quickly install your crossover truck tool box with this 2-piece hardware set.
  • Universal design works with any brand of Crossover or Saddle truck toolbox.
  • Constructed of durable materials to prevent corrosion.
  • Quickly and securely attach your truck tool box to your truck bed rails.
    Buyers Products Universal Truck Box Mounting Hardware is designed for use with Crossover, Saddle, and Gull Wing Truck Tool Boxes.

    No matter the brand of truck you drive, this versatile hardware mounts to the bed rails of your pick-up. This high quality, industrial-grade 2-piece set consists of corrosion-resistant aluminum J-hooks and anti-rust 304-grade stainless steel washers and bolts. Mount your Truck Tool Box quickly and easily, and trust that your tools are secure for the long haul.

    Package includes 2 aluminum J-hook blocks, 2 304-grade stainless steel bolts, and 2 flat washers.
Product Common Use: Universal Design. Can be used with any brand Crossover, Saddle or Gull Wing Truck Tool Box. Works with any brand Pick-Up Truck.
1701052 Buyers Products Universal Crossover Truck Box Mounting Kit