Work Truck Show 2019 Recap


The Buyers booth at the 2019 Work Truck Show was packed with exciting new equipment for work trucks of all shapes and sizes. From half-ton pickups to monster-sized municipal trucks, we brought something for everyone. In case you missed it, here's the lowdown on the biggest announcements from the show floor.


SnowDogg® MDII and VMDII


For all the half-ton trucks (Ford® F-150, Chevy® Silverado 1500, RAM® 1500, etc) out there, a new generation of the popular SnowDogg MD and VMD lines is coming for the 2019 snow season. 

The MDII and VMDII redefine what a half-ton truck plow can do. The new plows feature full-power hydraulic blade angling and robust grade 50 steel frames. They also incorporate popular features like the Floating A-frame™ and municipal-style chain lift from the SnowDogg EXII, HDII, and VXFII lines.

The all-new RapidLink™ Attachment System lets you quickly attach and remove the plow from the driver's side without needing to run to the other side.


SnowDogg Illuminator™ LED Plow Lights

Compatible with all new and existing SnowDogg plows, the Illuminators are a hassle-free way to upgrade your stock SnowDogg headlights. The powerful LEDs are over twice as bright and much longer lasting than traditional halogen bulbs; no matter how dark it is or how hard it's snowing, the Illuminators can punch through.

A full-lens active defrosting system prevents the lights from icing over, a common issue with LEDs due to their lower operating temperature. This cutting edge tech ensures the Illuminators can shine through even in the harshest winter conditions.

Combine that with a sturdy vibration-proof design that's rated IP66 for dust and water resistance, and the result is a light that's ready for any job.


SnowDogg Expressway and SuperFlex™ Municipal Snow Plows

The Expressway and Superflex are massive additions to our municipal line-up, literally and figuratively. We pride ourselves on our wide selection, and now we can offer municipalities powerful, full-featured urban and interstate plows with the same high quality, fast delivery, and top notch value they’ve come to expect from Buyers.

-Frank Dickinson, Buyers Products Municipal Sales Manager


SnowDogg Expressway Municipal Interstate Plow

The Expressway is a high speed plow designed for highway and interstate use.

The plow is hydraulically reversible with a tubular steel push frame and a 3/4 inch angular sector. It features an enormous flared moldboard; the blade stands 40 inches high in the middle and 56 inches at either end. This design makes the plow throw snow farther than a traditional straight blade and gives it the durability and strength needed to plow large amounts of heavy snow at high speeds. The roll-formed top creates an integrated deflector that improves visibility for the operator by reducing drift.

A 304 stainless steel moldboard option is also available.


The SuperFlex is a swiss army knife that's just as effective on cramped city streets as it is on the highway.

The UHMW polyethylene upper moldboard is flexible, with two hydraulic pivoting ribs and a tubular pivoting cross-member. This lets it transform on the fly to adapt to different situations. You can switch between standard, left, and right discharges from the cabs of your vehicle. Curl the blade down to fit under mailboxes or control light powdery snow, or open it up to throw loads of heavy snow.

The fully boxed A-frame and 16 inch nitrided outboard cylinders give the plow a tight turning radius and reduce vehicle strain. A 304 stainless steel lower moldboard skin and a 4 inch by 4 inch by 3/4 inch trip edge come standard.  


SaltDogg® Medium-Duty MDS Combination Dump Spreader

A new addition to the popular MDS line of combination dump spreaders, the Medium Duty MDS is designed for commercial and municipal applications on Class 4-7 trucks like the Ford® F-Series, Freightliner® M2 Series, International® CV™ Series, Chevrolet® Silverado™ Chassis Cabs, and RAM® Chassis Cabs.

The Medium Duty MDS is the first combo body in its class to offer a fully electric option. This means it can be installed without needing to plumb a central hydraulics system, though a hydraulic drive option is also available.

The versatile dump spreader is built for all-season use with a removable spinner and optional removable pre-wet tanks. It's built from 10 gauge 304 stainless steel with roll-formed radius sides to maximize capacity. A cross-member free design makes it easy to clean, and a low center of gravity greatly reduces the strain the combination body puts on the truck.