Work Truck Show 2020 Recap


The Buyers team went all out to make this year's booth the best it's ever been. Bold new signage, incredible new videos, and a ton of new and revamped displays all came together to make Booth 2129 a must-see destination for show-goers walking the floor. As always, the stars of the show were all the exciting new product and equipment reveals. Here's a rundown of the biggest announcements from the 2020 Work Truck show.


RapidLink Attachment System Now on All SnowDogg Truck Snow Plows


The RapidLink, introduced last year on the SnowDogg MDII and VMDII, is now coming to the full line of SnowDogg pickup truck snow plows. The mounting technology's overwhelming success last snow season made this a no-brainer. Users love the RapidLink's intuitive design. It eliminates many of the common headaches associated with mounting or dismounting a plow so it can be on or off your truck in one minute or less.

The RapidLink features a drop-leg and a hydraulically-powered Jack Switch. These allow you to fine-tune your plow's mounting height so it's easy to compensate for uneven ground or adjust on the fly to accommodate different trucks in your fleet. There's also a single-foot-pedal locking mechanism so you can secure your plow in place entirely from the driver side of your truck.

All new SnowDogg Snow Plows for pickup trucks will feature the RapidLink Attachment System starting in the 2020/2021 snow season. Click here to view the full line of SnowDogg Snow Plows for pickup trucks.


SnowDogg XPII and VXF105II


The XPII is the next generation of SnowDogg expanding wing snow plows. Its blade extends 8 feet to 10 feet while remaining in full scoop position, giving you the ability to quickly clear snow from large lots and other open areas. The flared wings can also be operated independently for optimal windrowing and snow consolidation.



The VXF105II is a massive, heavy duty V-blade built for trucks up to Class 6. It spans 10-1/2 feet from end to end, ascending from 35 inches at center to 45 inches on either edge. Double-acting angle cylinders let the plow maneuver and backdrag with ease despite its large size.

Both plows feature SnowDogg's signature 304 stainless steel blades and optional Illuminator Heated LED Lights. They will be available for the 2020/2021 snow season.


SnowDogg Super J Municipal Snow Plows


The Super J line of J plows are ideal for both urban and interstate use. The hydraulically-reversible plows can throw snow to either side of the vehicle, and outboard angle cylinders combined with a fully-boxed A-frame provide a tight turning radius. The J-curl of the blade also controls drift to improve visibility when plowing through deep snow at high speeds. This design makes the Super J extremely versatile; it's just as comfortable on narrow city streets as it is on wide-open highways.

The Super J is available in 10, 11, and 12-foot lengths with a UHMW polycarbonate, Tuff-Koted™ carbon steel, or 304 stainless steel blade. It's available now. Click here to learn more.


Landscape Trailer Racks and Accessories


New and upgraded plows weren't the only big news at the Buyers booth. An expanded line of racks for trimmers, hedgers, blowers, and other landscaping equipment was also revealed. Buyers built these high quality racks in their state-of-the-art production facility in Northeast Ohio. The new products focus on ease of use and keeping landscapers' valuable equipment in peak condition.

The racks feature durable carbon steel construction with corrosion resistant black powder-coated finishes. They require minimal out-of-the-box assembly. A highlight of the new line is an all-in-one storage solution that mounts to an open trailer's side rails, leaving the floor below it open for riding mowers or other equipment. The unit includes a basket for gas cans and other loose items, a rack for a backpack blower, and a trimmer line holder. An optional add-on rack for hand tools is also available.

Other options in the line include a lockable blower rack, a lockable multi-rack for chainsaws or hedge trimmers, and multiple sizes of trimmer racks. These new racks are available now. Click here to browse the full line-up.


Redesigned Crossover Truck Tool Boxes


As part of Buyers' continued investment in domestic, advanced manufacturing, their new line of crossover truck tool boxes is redesigned from the ground up with the professional contractor in mind. The boxes feature durable aluminum that is laser-cut and robot-welded to achieve a uniformly sturdy product. Buyers assembles the boses using high-quality components like automotive-grade gasket seals, tamper-resistant stainless steel push-button locks, and continuous hidden hinges.

Soft-open lids with gas shocks provide a smooth operating experience. Other exciting new features include a standard oversized steel tray with dividers, built-in tool slots, and a level holder. The tool boxes offer a highly customizable way to store and organize your tools.

The new boxes will be available this spring in various sizes and finishes. Stay tuned to for more information.


Class 8 Equipment

WideOpen™ Step Boxes, built for Class 8 vehicles, feature angled lids with extra large openings. This design provides easy access to tools and maximizes storage capacity. The boxes' .125 inch thick aluminum bodies and stainless steel hinges make them extremely resilient. Compression latches with covered key assemblies protect the boxes from the elements, and grip strut steps provide exceptional traction during inclement weather.


The new line of Class 8 frame steps feature heavy duty aluminum construction with .188 smooth aluminum sides. Step tread provides increased traction. The steps are easy to install and will be available with the high quality and rapid availability that Buyers customers expect.

Frame steps and WideOpen Step Boxes will be available in a variety of sizes in early May 2020.